Iron Trading Fx Ltd. is a Stock Trading Education and Multiple Account Management Company (MAM) formed by a team of three professional traders with more than 12 years of experience in the markets and some external collaborating analysts. We have been making a living from trading since 2013 applying our own systems, based on Price Action, Algorithms, Volume Profile, Order Flow, Elliott Waves and Wolfe Waves. We have also developed many technological software during these years (indicators, tools, EAs...) to maximize our effectiveness and ease our job.

We have declared war to institutional traders and the way they manipulate small traders to make them fall into the traps they set and steal their money. We don't enjoy seeing the rich stealing the poor's savings, that's the reason we started Iron Trading's project. 


Our main aim is to turn beginners into professional traders, and that way we are contribute to balance the market. Every trader that receives our training (or leaves his account with us) is a trader that the institutional traders can't deceive. We know how they play, and we will provide you with the weapons not only to defend against them, but also to take advantage of their movements and make profits out of them.

Joel Andone

Long-term Analysis

Swing Analysis

Marketing Department

Luis Costa

Volume Profile Analysis

Price Action and Market Structure

Financial Management

Ivan Escoda

Short-term Analysis

Scalping Analysis

Software Development

Oliver D. Navas

Long-term Analysis

Swing Analysis

Volume and Traces Detection

Marketing Department

Lucas Martin

Educational Support

Price Action and Market Structure

Financial Management

Josh Brolin

Short-tem Analysis

Scalping Analysis

Order Flow and Algorythm Trading

Software Development

Oliver D. Navas

Long-term Analysis

Volume and Traces Detection

Lucas Martin

Educational Support

Price Action and Market Structure

Financial Management

Josh Brolin

Short-term Analysis

Order Flow and Algorythm Trading

Software Development

Client 2

What methods do we use?

All of us have more than 10 years of experience in the markets, so during all this time we have developed our own systems and technology. The foundations of our approach are:

  • Price Action

  • Order Flow

  • Algorithmic Trading

  • Volume Profile

  • Wolfe Waves

In a nutshell, the point of it all is to figure out where are the institutional traders pointing out, what are they going to do and when they are going to do it. Detecting their traces is the key to jump onto the waves they create, move in the same direction of the market and make profits out of it.

Client 3

Why are we different?

Most Telegram channels are led by unregulated and unprofessional traders trying to earn the money that they can't through their own trading. They hide their real trades behind VIP paid groups and only send manipulated screenshots showing amazing results.


Unlike them, we are full-time traders with license and regulation. And we don't have a paid group, all our trades are in the main channel, available to be checked. We also share reports of our managed accounts that you can see in the channel and at this website.

Those are the most superficial differences. The truth is that we are professional traders with years of experience and knowledge, and they are just average retail traders. There are miles between those channels and ours.

Client 5

Why do we teach our Systems and share our Technology for free?

The more traders we have in the market using our systems profitably, the more effective the systems will be, as simple as that.

It makes no sense for us to ask you for money in exchange. Your success in the market using our methods is already a benefit for us. The broker you will work with will also give us priviledges when placing big orders to avoid slippage, which multiplies our profits.

Client 4

Can we make you rich in a quick and easy way?

If someones tells you that he can, you should run away immediately. This is not an easy or quick field. If you are looking for that, you should try your luck somewhere else.

What we will do is to teach you how to make money from trading in a consistent and responsible way. You can make a fortune in the long run, of course, but not in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, if you don't want to learn and become a professional like us, we can also take care of your account and generate profits for you. But not 200% in 3 days. Something between 15% and 40% per month. You won't find many better real growth percentages.

Client 1

The Natural Cycle

Most of our students come to us after having blown their account or having been scammed. It's a natural cycle:

1) You believe that this works like it does in The Wolf of Wall Street movie.


2) You realize that it doesn't and pay that lesson with all the money you had invested.


3) You develop the idea that the market is random (to avoid blaming yourself) and think about leaving it.


4) You find us, finally understand how this bussiness work, learn our systems and start profiting in a responsible and realistic way.

Client 7

Is the market random?

Of course it isn't. It may seem random if you don't understand how it works and you make your decisions taking pop indicators such as RSI, Bollinger or MACD as a reference. Bad news: These indicators are completely useless and were designed by institutional traders to control the movements of retail traders.

The market is not bullish or bearish because RSI is up or down. The price moves due to the confluence or opposition of institutional plans. The good news is that they leave traces, and we know how to follow them. We don't create waves, we jump onto them and enjoy the ride.


Some guy with a smartphone that one day decided to create a Telegram channel.


A retail trader, not profitable and with another job.


Believes that the market moves due to some magical cross between two lines or some pop indicator such us RSI or MACD.


Gets good results some days, always loses on the long run.


Shows his results only on the good days to try to attract beginner traders.

Shows his results by phone screenshots of some Metatrader forex account or some hidden Premium channel. This is extremely easy to manipulate.

Promises future profits.

Promises massive and quick profits. "You will become millionaire in a few weeks", "I will grow your account a 300% in less than a month".



An actual Professional Forex Company.


A team of professional traders whose only job is forex trading (including account management and education).


A self-developed professional approach based on order flow, volume profile, algorithmic trading and price action.


Positive results every single month since 2013.


Public verified track record that updates every month.

Public verified track record on MyFxBook (not manipulable) that contains intermediary accounts linked to the company's Atas Corporate fund.

Never promise any future results (doing that is, inherently, a scam). We only show our past results as a probable estimator of what will happen in the future.

Our policy is put the security of our client's capital above everything. With that aspect secured, we direct our operations towards an organic, solid and stable growth (around 20%-70% per month, depending on the chosen risk).

I took the the educational programme and also the account management service. I like the system a lot and the indicators work very well when you learn how to combine them. Really good stuff. I funded an account with 300$ and let them manage it, now it has 754$ with two positive trades running, so happy with their job.

Jure Malik


It is a common feature of scammers to promise an amount of pips before trying to sell you their paid signal group. We have two important differences: First, that we don't charge for the trades we share in our open channel (we make enough profits with our own trading, so we don't need to). Second, that we won't treat you as an idiot by promising something that can't be promised.

However, what we can do is to invite you to check our results in the channel. We have been sharing many of our trades for more than 3 years and all our trades remain there, not in some VIP paid group like the other channels do. Here in this website you will find a report of the results we have had in the channel and also in our personal account.


That way you will get an approximation of the results you will get by yourself after the Iron Program or, if you decide to go for the Account Management, the return you will see on your account every month.

You can also take a look at some real opinions from our customers, students and subscribers.

How do you know we are legit?


How can you use us to make profits?



We share some of our trades in our Telegram channel. It's completely free, of course. We have achieved positive results every single week since we opened it. Note that we only share some of the trades that we carry out in our Iron Trading account.



Through our Free Educational Program, our intention is to teach you how to trade like us so you can achieve the same results that we do every month. That would lead you to have constant profits for the rest of your life and turn trading into your only job.



Telegram: @lucas_iron or @oliv_iron

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We always recommend you to join the Iron Program because it's better to learn how to be profitable by yourself than to depend on others. But if you prefer this format, we can carry out a professional management on your account and place our trades in it. Our results will be yours as well.



We have some of the most efective EA Robots at your disposal, all of them tested by If you don't have time to dedicate to trade forex and want a constant income, this is a good option for you.